Why did the romans invade britain

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Invasions of the British Isles

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When did the Romans invade Britain?

Why did the Romans invade Britain? The Romans were constantly making moves to extend the Roman Empire and push the boundaries of the land under Roman control. Having subdued the Celtic tribes in Gaul (modern day France), the Romans turned their attention to the tribes living in Britain.

Roman Britain Timeline Chronology Below is a Roman Britain timeline, featuring the most important events in the Roman occupation of Britain, from Julius Caesar’s first attempts at invasion to the fall of the island to the Saxons to the military success of the Britons, leading to the legends of King Arthur.

Why did the Romans invade Britain? Over 2, years ago, the Romans first arrived in Britain. Although that was way back in the past, many clues still survive which tell us what life was like during Roman times.

Back then, before the Romans invaded, we didn't have one king or queen ruling over the nation. Britain was made up of different groups, or tribes, known as the Celts or native Britons. The Romans invaded Britain in order to gain access to its mineral wealth and agricultural fields, and to prevent a regrouping and counterattack by the recently-conquered Gauls who had escaped the Roman armies by fleeing to the island.

The Roman invasion of Britain was a determined military and political effort to project Roman power in the Northeastern Atlantic. Although Julius Caesar had visited Britain in 55BC (Before the birth of Christ) and reported that the soil was good, there was plenty of food and people that could be used as slaves, the Romans did not have a large enough army to invade and conquer Britain.

Why did the romans invade britain
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