The political career and journey of lenin to power in the former soviet

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Leon Trotsky

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List of leaders of the Soviet Union

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Vladimir Lenin - What Is Soviet Power?

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In the Soviet Union's seventy-year history there was no official leader of the Soviet Union office, Lenin was already losing much of his power to Joseph Stalin. although Lenin briefly returned to the leadership from 2 October until a severe stroke on 9 March ended Lenin's political career.

Jun 08,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Watch video · Vladimir Lenin was a Russian communist revolutionary and head of the Bolshevik Party who rose to prominence during the Russian Revolution ofone of the most explosive political.

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During the Soviet era, five separate editions of Lenin's published works were published in Russian, the first beginning in and the last from to ; the fifth edition was described as "complete", but in reality had much omitted for political expediency.

Vladimir Lenin The political career and journey of lenin to power in the former soviet
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