An introduction to the history and the culture of the vikings

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The Vikings: A Very Short Introduction

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In return they shaped silk and spices. A brief history of the Vikings. Viking life and culture Social history Feature Vikings and Anglo Saxons-Week Vikings Week Latest. Stuart 12 facts about the Stuarts Georgian 5 facts about Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour. Tudor Winchester History Weekend 5.

Click the hotspots above to learn about the common myths of the Vikings’ appearance ‘Viking’ is a catch-all term for the people who came from Scandinavia, what is now Norway, Denmark and Sweden, between the eighth and 11th centuries, more properly known as the Norse, or Norsemen.

Modern perception of Vikings often cast these historic people as savage raiders with horned helmets. Viking History: Facts & Myths. By Ryan the motives and culture of the Viking people are. /r/History introduction. Rules. Were the Vikings a people or a Culture?

(denverfoplodge41.comy) But I feel like part of the question you are asking is why did the vikings appear in the history books when they did.

Viking History: Facts & Myths

There could be several reasons for this, but we may never know. I. The era known as the Viking age lasted for more than years, from the late 8th century to the late 11th century. The history of the Vikings is closely linked to their role as masters of the sea.

They were feared as fierce and ruthless pirates. The Vikings: A Very Short Introduction. Revised First Edition. Julian D. Richards Very Short Introductions.

A fascinating new look at Vikings and the Viking Age, revealing how the identity of these people and their culture has been repeatedly reinvented throughout history, obscuring who the Vikings really were.

An introduction to the history and the culture of the vikings
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Vikings - HISTORY