5 what is a boy band what are some characteristics of a boy band

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Not only is One Direction the biggest boy band of the last 10 years, they are probably one of the biggest boy bands of all time. It's difficult to compare One Direction to their predecessors based on album sales because, well, One Direction is a band made of millennials, loved by millennials.

For the record, Soul Decision was voted as the worst boy band with 85% giving them a 1 ("They're not good"). Note: The band 5 Seconds of Summer was omitted from the results after receiving numerous complaints in the original vote about them not being a "boy band." If they HAD been included, they would have.

5 What Is A Boy Band What Are Some Characteristics Of A Boy Band. Review Questions 1. What is popular music? - Popular music is any music since industrialization in the mids that is in line with the tastes and preferences of the middle class. 2. What theme does pop music typically use in the lyrics?

Describe one pop song that uses this theme. Nov 19,  · 1. My favorite boy band is: MYSELF! I am a one man boy band! 2. My favorite member of that boy band is: ME! And that’s out of all 5 members that I made up from my personality disorder.

3. Are you the craziest one of all your friends or are you more serious? My best friend is myself, and I am the craziest of all my friends. 4. Some boy bands have come under fire for this issue of using auto-tune.

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Some have also come under fire for lip syncing in their performances as well, for example New Kids on the Block. A typical boy band performance features elaborately choreographed dancing.

5 what is a boy band what are some characteristics of a boy band
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